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Hi!! So I have a bit of time before my big day, however I need some advice on jewelry.  I have a very elegant but plain dress.  It is satin and there aren't any embellisments on the dress.  My question is (well I have several) do I do it up with glitz and flashy jewlery? Or do I keep it classic with simplicity and pearls?  Next, all my girls are wearing red satin shoes and I was thinking for a pop of color that I could wear red satin shoes as well, but my mother is totally against this.  Thoughts would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks ladies!

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    Go for the red shoes! I wore colored shoes myself, and I love it when brides add a pop of color.

    Could you maybe post a pic of your dress so we can see it before giving jewelry advice? It does depend on what kind of look you're going for, of course. I would go with something more glitzy and fun, but if you're going for a very traditional look you may want to stick with something simpler.
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    For jewelry - I think this will depend really on your personal style and the type of wedding and venue you are having. For me, personally, I like the glitz and flash and am known to wear big jewelry pieces on the regular. I've seen a lot of jewelry pieces that mix pearl strings with some embellishment which looks both classic and glamorous. I would only suggest doing EITHER big earrings and a bracelet OR necklace and a bracelet.

    For shoes - I LOVE colored shoes! I don't know if you have an accent color of any sort, but I think it would be cute if you wore a different colored shoe than your BMs even.

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    My FMIL HATED the idea of me wearing blue shoes at first, but she's made peace with it.    If you want to prove to your mom that it's normal, pick up any bridal magazine and flip through it... I guarantee that you will find at least two pictures of brides in colored shoes.

    I agree with PP... it sounds like you could wear any jewelry with your dress to alter the 'feel' of it, but seeing a picture might help us make better suggestions.
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    Definately wear red shoes.  My BM are wearing red dresses and I wanted to wear red shoes, but my dress has so much detail on it so I figured I wouldnt go red.  I went gold instead.
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    My mother was totally against me getting "something Blue" as my wedding shoes, once I purchased them she eventually got over it.. This is your day!!!!!!


    Play with some jewelry, make sure it gives your dress a POP... dont be affraid to layer the jewelry or even add some color!!

    Good luck

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    it would help to see your dress....but what about a blinged out belt?

    totally agree w/ pp:  wear the red shoes.  the older generations have a hard time accepting things that are sort of non-traditional.  she'll get over it!

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