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Shoe Question about Height

I enjoy wearing a cute pair of heels when I get the chance.  In my head, I want a nice, sexy pair of heels for my wedding.  There is also a 10 inch gap between my FI and myself, so at least for the ceremony I'd like to close that gap up a bit.

Obviously you get your dress hemmed to the heel height of the shoes you'll be wearing for the ceremony.  However, I don't intend to stay in heels all through the reception and the remainder of the day.  I'll most likely end up changing in to Converse, flip-flops or just go barefoot.

I suppose my concern is that I'll end up getting my dress hemmed for a decent heel height and then be tripping over my dress the rest of the night when not in my heels.  Has anyone experienced this problem before?

I'm thinking that I'll most likely end up with heels of at least 3 inches.  Would I just be picking up my skirt while walking the rest of the day?

TIA for any insight and advice Smile
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