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Converse Chuck Taylors, cool or trashy?

I've considered having the wedding party wear Chuck Taylors versus uncomfortable shoes to our wedding. I plan on wearing purple Converse hi top shoes and letting the other members of the party choose which color and style they want. My flower girl is a tomboy and will like this idea rather than having to wear "girly shoes" and I think the bridemaids will enjoy the idea. I plan on having black bridesmaids dresses, that way they can pick their favorite color. The wedding colors are purple and black and my fiance loves the idea. The only catch is will it be considered trashy? HELP!!!

Re: Converse Chuck Taylors, cool or trashy?

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    I vote cool! Chucks are retro casual and everyone can relate. I say go for it!
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    Thanks for the input! I thought it would be ok and save my mother alot of grief getting my sister to dress up (shes the flower girl).
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    I think it's cute and I'm pretty traditional when it comes to wedding attire. The only thing I dislike is cowboy boots, Idk why haha.
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    I wouldn't want to wear sneakers to a wedding.   I personally find Converse shoes to be uncomfortable and would rather wear a dress shoe.  I guess let it be up to the bridesmaid if they want to wear them or not.
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    I would ask your bridesmaid first if this is something they would want. I personally really hate Chuck Taylors - they aren't comfy for me, and my feet look enormous in them for some reason. So I wouldn't be thrilled with having to buy a pair for the wedding or with having my picture taken in them if I were your bridesmaids.

    Moral of the story - ask first! If they are on board, then go for it :)
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    If the dresses are long it would be fine as long as your BM are ok with it but if the dresses are short then I am not a fan on the look.  I think it's fine for the guys to wear them with their suits or tuxes (as long as the wedding is not formal).
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    I actually find Converse really uncomfortable - they're usually super-narrow, and my feet tend to be a little on the wide side.  I also pretty much hate how I look in them, even when I find a pair that doesn't pinch.  Make sure all of your girls are on board with this, and honestly, if you're requiring them to wear particular shoes, the polite thing to do is pay for their shoes yourself.

    Also, this is a really big prom trend in my area, so to me, the look screams "17 year old kid trying to be cool", but I think that's just because I've seen teenage prom-goers in them over and over again.
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    Ask your bridesmaids.  I personally would wear heels over Chuck Taylors any day.  Also if you're going to require them to wear the sneakers you have to pay for them.
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    I'd be kinda ticked to spend money on a beautiful dress, get my hair and makeup done and then ruin the whole appearance with shoes that just don't match the formality.  I'm not a Chuck fan and I just don't get the attraction to having them at weddings.  I agree with the "cool kid at prom" analogy.
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    I'm not a fan. I love Chucks, but this is a new trend, not a "unique" idea for a wedding as it's so common. 50 years from now I don't want to look back on my wedding photos and think "I can't believe we did that..............." I like classic simple for events that will be remembered all my life, my chldrens' lives, my grandchildrens'..... 
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    I don't fault anyone for wearing them, if that's what they like, but I'm not a fan. I find them to be really uncomfortable (they're so flat!) and not attractive. I'm an adult, and I like to dress like one. I agree with those who said it's too high school prom-ish. 

    If I were a BM, I'd be pretty irritated if I had to buy a pair just to wear at a wedding. It's not something I would EVER wear again. If my friend *really* wanted me to do it, I would, but it would really suck.

    So, that being said if your friends are all chuck wearing girls and you want it - do it. Just don't be really surprised or offended if your girls are less than thrilled with the idea. If you do go that route I would highly consider long BM dresses and possibly consider footing the bill for the shoes. If I were a BM and had to wear them I'd rather not get a BM gift and have the shoes paid for.
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    Ugh please not. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding last summer and we wore converse with long, chiffon black dresses. It looked cheap. The shoes were not comfortable (I would have much rather wore heels!). They rubber on the shoes kept sticking with the chiffon fabric. It looked like we were in high school prom.

    It might try to look like some "cute" trend, but in five years from now, you'll definitely regret it.. All the bridesmaids hated it and thought it was weird.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Converse Chuck Taylors, cool or trashy?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Ugh please not. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding last summer and we wore converse with long, chiffon black dresses. It looked cheap. The shoes were not comfortable <strong>(I would have much rather wore heels!)</strong>. They rubber on the shoes kept sticking with the chiffon fabric. It looked like we were in high school prom. It might try to look like some "cute" trend, but in five years from now, you'll definitely regret it.. All the bridesmaids hated it and thought it was weird.
    Posted by mbishop7[/QUOTE]

    <div>I don't know any grown woman that would rather wear chucks with a beautiful dress, than a flattering pair of heels. </div><div>Especially if the dresses are short.. I feel like brides that want their girls in short dresses and chucks are saying they want them to look stubby and short... becaue that's what pictures look like to me unless the girls are stick-thin. </div></div>
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    What if you just put the flower girl in them? I actually think that would be super cute.
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    go for it!!
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    I would talk to you WP and ask what they think or what they want to do. I agree with others that if your dresses are short I would skip the idea. But otherwise just see what your WP. I know personally for a wedding I would want to wear dress shoes.
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    Ask your bridesmaids beforehand if they like them and are comfortable in them.  Remember if you are making them wear a specific shoe, you are required to buy them (etiquette wise) for your party assuming they don't have some already.

    I think you should just have the guys wear them, and have the girls wear a cute sandal with no heel.  
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    If the dresses are short why not compromise and buy them for your girls as gifts to wear at the Reception and not the ceremony. When they come out to be introduced it might be cute if the entire wedding party is in black and purple converses.

    That way you get your staged photos with people wearing their heels and traditional shoes and then you get some fun party pictures. Best of both worlds. =)

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    I love my Chucks.  However, they took a while to break in, and once they were broken in and comfortable they were a bit worn and dirty.

    With that in mind, I too, don't like seeing them with formal wear.  Unlike the others, I don't see them as promish, I see them as even younger.  I saw lots of colorful pairs at middle school spring dances and them homecoming and winter dances when the girls were early high school.  By the time they were juniors the kids wouldn't have been caught dead in them.

    I do think they'd be cute for the flower girl though.
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    I'm wearing mine and honestly, I don't care whether people would think that's cool, tacky, retro, whatever- I'm not making anyone else wear them and I have a full-length dress where you won't see them unless I wanted you to. They're my something blue and my own personal choice- I don't really see where a bunch of internet strangers should affect your decision to wear them. However, for your bridesmaids, it should also be a personal decision and unless they all want to and already own a pair that you'd want them to wear, it seems unlikely to work out. 

    Personally, I don't wear heels at all so people who say things like "every woman feels better/loves/is more comfortable in heels" and "you are going to HATE your wedding pictures, guaranteed!!" is a bit uninformed. Flats are uncomfortable for me (I wore them for my sister's wedding as a jr. bridesmaid and spent the whole reception dancing in stocking feet.) Like I said, wouldn't make anyone else wear them but certainly wouldn't criticize the personal choice either. Can't say I see the prom, middle school critique but then I skipped prom, lol. Tongue Out
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    I agree with others.  it's not necessarily trashy, but it's really overdone.  It's not cute anymore.

    If all you care about is comfort, I'm sure you can find a nice pair of ballet flats or let your BMs wear whatever shoes they want. 

    If converse has some sort of personal meaning to you then go right ahead, but otherwise I'd pass.
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    I definately will talk with my BM and get their opinion on it before any final decisions are made. I do think they will go for the idea because of our personal styles and I only plan on having 3 BM, and two already have pairs of Converse. But if any of the BM do not choose to wear them then I'm not going to throw a huge fit over it; after all I am a shoe fiend! I do however want to put the FG in Chucks because if I forced her into heels she will chase me with them and throw them at me. I might be trying to mimic a prom night feel because neither my fiance nor myself along with many of our party went to prom. I plan on allowing the BM to express their own sense of style and fashion through accessories and makeup, and I really don't want my girls to feel forced into doing something they don't feel comfottable with. Also I must say that Converse come in many, many different colors and styles now, and I would love to see them showcased at my wedding! Thanks to all of you who put in their time and effort, and I do see a new side of opinions! :D
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    I actually really like that idea, and I think as far as giving them as gifts I can get them customized online. And that way I can have "grown up" pics and "funky" pics.
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    I'm doing something similar.  I'm going to do white converse or keds sneakers (I haven't decided which yet).  I offered them to my bridesmaids, but both had a great pair of shoes that they loved, so I'm going to do it myself.  Totally cool and totally comfortable.
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