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HI I am wearing a 2010 Kenneth pool dress for my wedding in May and was wondering is how the fabric will wrenkle. Has anyone worn a KP dress made out of the satin? Im worried about sitting in the car and then being all wrinkled.

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    I'm wearing a Kenneth Pool 2010 Dress too in August.....I loooooooveee it.
    I dont know about the satin wrinkling, but since the gowns are pretty pricy i'm assuming that the fabric is the best quality and will not wrinkle like some of the less expensive dresses. Mine is satin as well and i'm going to my salon this weekend to try it on for my parents so I can ask about the wrinkling issues and let u know.

    My wedding is in Europe so it will be intersting to see how it wrinkles during the flight :)

    Do post picutres when you get married, i'd love to see your gown, I'm sure its stunning.

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    It will be a silk satin and might crease a bit, but should be too bad.  

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    I am wearing KP for my October wedding...i love my dress! Its silk and my consultant said it would not wrinkle too much. It is super high quality material so should be fine!
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    Post pics of your dresses...I love KP dresses! My first choice was a KP dress, but I just couldn't afford the price tag.
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