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please help with bridesmaids dresses

I am looking for moss green or olive color dresses for my 6 brides maids.  They all have very different figures and i can't find a dress in my color any where.  Any one have an idea where to get these?

Re: please help with bridesmaids dresses

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    If all else fails, perhaps you can put them in a neutral color like black, grey, brown, or navy, and give them all sashes and/or wraps in moss green.  If they all have very different figures, you also might consider letting them pick their own dress rather than trying to find one that works for all of them.
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    I was hoping to find a whole bunch of dresses that came in the same color and everyone could wear what the felt comfortable in.
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    David's bridal has a color called fern that comes in a number of style.  That might work for you.

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    Don't get caught up on an exact color. These different fern and moss greens will look different on your girls as well. A friend of mine is getting married in March and originally wanted Kelly Green for her BM dresses. She couldn't find it anywhere. She eventually bought dresses for all of us on a whim that are pink because it was getting to be too close to the wedding to not order them. Honestly, no one is going to say "hey, that's a different green than she wanted!"
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