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Advice on selling the dress?

I made the ultimate wedding planning mistake and jumped the gun when it came to THE dress. In short, I've been questioning the dress since September when I purchased it (along with the veil and hairpiece) and have found myself "stuck" and not able to move forward with planning b/c the dress just doesn't seem to fit the look and feel we're going for. I think I got caught up in the moment and moved a bit too fast. It was a "sample" and i think the price and thought that I might 'loose" it pushed me to purchase it that day. In short, I've found a 2nd dress that is 100% perfect and have decided to move forward and purchase it... I know I'll likely loose a lot of $ on the deal, but in the end, I'll be happy with the new dress, pictures, etc., so I'm just going to go for it.

Odds are, the majority of those of you currently on theknot haven't tried to sell your dress, but does anyone know of any good websites and/or locations in Columbus, Ohio that buy unused/NWT dresses? Perhaps you know of a friend of family member who has tried to sell? Any advice is definitely welcomed as I take on this endeavor...


Re: Advice on selling the dress?

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    Here are a few websites that are very well liked around here when it comes to selling or purchasing a used dress...

    I would be very realistic about the price you list your dress at and be prepared for it not to sell right away.  Most wedding dresses lose about half their value once purchased and more if it has been worn or modified/altered.

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    I sold a dress on   If you haven't altered it yet, you will have better chances of it selling quickly.   (and by quickly, I mean 1-3 months).  Plan on losing about 50%-60% of the original dress price.  That COULD help you, since you got it a deal on it, since it was a sample.  But, only if the sample is in "like new" condition. 

    For example, I bought a sample Mori Lee.  The original price of the new dress was about $800.00.  I paid about $400.00 on it because it was a sample and was 50% off. I sold it for about $325.00, so I didn't lose much.  But, the dress looked like it was hardly ever tried on. No dirt, snags, missing buttons, anything.  

    You can go on the used sites and see what your dress is currently selling for (or dresses by the same designer, if no one is selling your exact dress).   I priced mine $25.00 below the lowest one I found online, and sold it in 2 weeks.
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    Thanks! I will try all of those sites. I haven't had anything altered on it yet and it still has the tags, so that is a plus I suppose. I know I'm still going to loose $ on this deal. It was a hard decision at first and will be a costly "mistake" on my part, but I feel like in the end, it's best to have a dress I will still love in 5, 10, 20 years in pictures, etc...
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    I sold my original dress on  And bought one off the same site.  My dress was originally $1000.  It sold for $700.  Funny thing is?  I'd never even tried it on.  It had been left in the garment bag since the day we picked it up, since I'd tried the one on in the store and my size had to be ordered.  It was brand new, and unworn, and still didn't sell for as much as I wanted.  

    In the end it paid for the second dress I loved, and sold faster since I accepted a much lower price.
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