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Tasting charge for catering

Did you have to pay to taste? If you don't mind saying, how much?

I was under the impression that most caterers did it for free. My favorite caterer just got back to me - she charges 250$ for four people. Now, i don't mind paying a little bit, but that seems excessive.


Re: Tasting charge for catering

  • amanda489amanda489 member
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    wow! I think that is insane. I feel like the point of tasting is for them to prove themselves to you and get your business so I agree I think it should be free at least for the bride and groom
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  • mariegramariegra member
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    Our venue had a tasting in May and invited all of the couples for their upcomming weddings.  I think they do this once or twice a year.  There was no separate charge, it is included with the cost of the venue.

    If it is a private caterer, I could see them charging a fee to cover their food costs and preparation time, but $250 sounds a bit much.
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    We didn't do a tasting, but I believe the option was that we could taste at the cost per plate (i.e. if the meal was going to be $40 at the wedding, it would be $40 to taste).  $250 seems like a lot at first glance, but if the meal is going to cost $60+ per plate, then it would make more sense.
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    Mine is free for us and up to 4 additional guests. We can choose 4 apps and 3 entrees. 250 sounds like a lot to me!

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    Like mariegra, my tasting was included with my venue.  They do one twice a year.  for DH and I it was free and then it was $20 per person for anyone else we wanted to bring with us.  We brought my mom and dad, so it was $40 for them.

    $250 does seem like a lot to me.I understand that there might be a fee for preparing the food to taste, but that price seems overly excessive.
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    As most of the previous posts said, it's not too typical for venues to charge, but they have the advantage of getting a bunch of clients together at once (literally, a full wedding's worth of people sometimes) and serve selections in bulk for a lot less and charging for additional guests outside of the bride and groom. 

    If an independant caterer is just dealing with you and one or two other people, and you're wanting to try a sample of the many things they have to offer, it adds up quickly for them to buy and create a variety of quality dishes on a smaller scale.  $250 does sound like a lot though...
  • Lilac++Lilac++ member
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    Our venue told us there was a $20 charge for the two of us to taste 4 main dishes, a few apps, salad, etc. We showed up, they gave us a ton of food and then never asked for the $20 and we forgot about it... so it ended up being free.
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