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Linens: Chair Cover Sashes and Table Overlays??

Hi Girls!
So my wedding package includes chair covers and basic white linens, but I'd really like to add sashes to the chairs and possibly table overlays or runners or something else to jazz the tables up a bit!
Any idea on just approximate prices per sash or table overlay? I'm mostly concerned with the sashes, and just trying to get an idea of a number to put into my budget. 

Re: Linens: Chair Cover Sashes and Table Overlays??

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    I am ordering overlays from ... i found their prices to be way cheaper than renting them. I also ordered 1 organza overlay to see the quality and color of the product and I was pleasantly surprised. They are about $5 per overlay! plus you can get points on their website for doing certain things and it adds up to money off... the only thing you have to consider when purchasing them verus renting them is the set up.. when you rent them they set them up and take them down and iron them and all that good stuff. Luckily my venue is really good, i'm taking care of the ironing but the venue is going to put them on the tables for me. GOOD LUCK!
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    Looks like they just have the solids, I was hoping they had those swirl ones I've seen through the chair cover people. I love those prices though! Wow, can't beat that.
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    Another good place to check out is - they've got a lot of the organza, pin-tuck, etc. that I haven't seen at!  I'm not going with a ton of linens because I have darker colors and I want to keep things light looking, but I'm planning on embroidered organza runners to tie everything in.
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    Organza orderlays: 60" X 60" are $3.59/each
    The 108" X 108" are $5.99/each

    and everything else has great prices too...I would def. check them out.

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  • ScottCayla11ScottCayla11 member
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    When is your wedding? What colors and how many are you looking for? I just bought 130 brown organza sashes and overlays. Let me know, maybe you can use them after me.
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  • nicoleh55nicoleh55 member
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    I am also ordering from   they were the best price around and it was way cheaper to buy then rent
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    Linentablecloth is having a sale right now if anyone wants to save some $$$
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