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Which Dress?

My aunt, mom and MOH went with me to look for dresses. Unanimously we all agreed dress #2 was the most beautiful in person. When I got home and looked at the photos we took, I felt dress #1 creeping in a bit. Everyone I showed photos to felt that dress #1 was more beautiful. 

They're the same price, but dress #1 doesn't come with the sash, so that's an added cost. They're both Maggie Sottero if anyone is curious.

I guess dress #1 photographs better, but dress #2 is better in person? :\

Dress 1:

Dress 2:

I still think I'm leaning toward dress #2. It's also challenging for me because both of the dresses are about 10 sizes too big for me and clamped up in the back. This is more of an issue with dress #1 because there is boning in the bodice that makes my boobs look, uh, larger than they are. I think this affects the proportions, and it would look different once ordered in my size.

We're having an August 2013 vineyard wedding in CA that I hope comes out fairly rustic/shabby chic.

Which dress do you like better? 

(My head is cut out because I don't know how to take a photo, and my face looked like the exorcist in each shot.)
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