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How much time for appointment?

I set up an appointment at a boutique this Saturday at 2:30. I also want to go to one more place that day (my moh is in town and she wants to be involved) but I don't really know how much time I should space them out. Two-three hours? I want to make sure I give myself enough time but I don't want the be there all day trying on dresses I know I won't buy. Should I space them out a lot (like 6pm or later for the second) and eat dinner between?

What did you ladies do?!

Also, I plan on wearing a strapless bra, but I'm pretty modest and not skinny, what else should I wear? One of those body shaping things? Or just the bra and undies? I'm in the process of losing some weight and I don't plan on wearing a shaper on my wedding but maybe it will help picture what my body might look like. Is that a good idea? Or just leave it out?

Re: How much time for appointment?

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    I couldn't imagine needeing to spend more than an hour trying on dresses, so depending on how far apart they are, I would say that 4:00 or 4:15 should work fine for the second appointment.  It also gives you an out if you feel like you're being pushed into buying.   

    I did two stores on one day, then one more store a few days later.  The dress I ended up buying was in the third store.  I think I tried on about 6 dresses per store, but I was looking specifically for non-strapless, so it limmited what I tried on.  

    I would recommend wearing full-coverage nude panties (I wore some with a tummy panel, because I'm chubby).  Your consultant or shop owner may be helping you in and out of dresses, so you probably don't want to wear a thong.  I would NOT wear full spanx though, because you'll want to take accurage measurements.    I started off wearing a strapless bra, but ended up ditching it by the end of the second store because I really didn't need it (I'm a B-cup) and it was hot and uncomfortable (it was July in DC....).

    DEFINTIELY bring a bottle of water, and some baby wipes becuase you will probably get sweaty.   Also, you can bring a camera, but a lot of stores won't let you take pictures of dresses until you've bought one, becuase of companies who make knock-offs.
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    I would give yourself 2-2.5 hours for an appointment and would defiantly eat dinner in between because it can be exhausting trying on all those dresses and you need to shut your brain down for a little bit.

    As for the body shaper, it's up to you. The consultants are pretty good at getting you into the wedding dress so it will be tight to your body to begin with. I guess the question would be is when you wear the body shaper do you notice a significant difference? Otherwise I wouldn't worry about it because personally they are just uncomfortable. Also, some bridal salons provide A-Line bras which do the same thing. My biggest tip is remember to shave and wear more modest underwear (not see-through lace! lol).
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    A lot of places limit the time you can stay because they make appointments throughout the day.

    I spent usually 1-1.5 hours at a store before moving on to something else. It gets hot and frustrating and tiring!

    We did a place at 10, a place at 12, lunch, then one place after lunch.  I was surprised how long it took!  To me it didn't feel long, but I wonder if my BMs/mom thought otherwise...

    I just wore a strapless bra and modest undies. 
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    I was in the shop at least 2 hours.  It took time to select gowns and get them on and clipped in.  Time flew by.  I was the only bride shopping (3 appointments is a busy day for them!)
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