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wedding dress/flower help


I'm looking for some advice.  I'm eloping in late April.  We are getting married on the beach in the carribean.  My dress has a colored sash.  I haven't picked a color yet.  I love rich colors like blue, red, purple....maybe burgandy.   I orignially wanted to do red, but what flowers should I pick?  I was going to do red roses, but that is that too much?  Should I pick tropical flowers to celebrate the location? I think the blue would blend in with the ocean.  I'm open to any and all ideas. 

Thank you for your ideas

Re: wedding dress/flower help

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    you can really do anything.  do you have a vision?  is there some flower that you particularly love? 

    you should check blogs and magazines for some inspiration.
    try 100 layer cake, green wedding shoes, snippet & ink, ruffled, style me pretty, etc.
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    If you want a red sash, I don't think red flowers are overkill. They with be the only two things that are red.

    You could also do a few red flowers mixed in with different shades of pink flowers. Some people think those two colors clash, but I really like them together. You could even mix in some orange ones.

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    Oooh red and pink and orange flowers mixed together could be really a sunset!
    Whoever said it was supposed to be happily ever after is a big fat liar.
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    thanks for the help;  I think I'm going to go with red with either red roses or a mix of red and other colors. 

    Thanks so so much,

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