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mixing white and ivory? HELP!

My dress is ivory so it makes sense to have my fiance wear an ivory shirt and vest on our wedding day to coordinate with me. There is just one problem. The ivory shirt looked almost dirty to me and I'm not sure that I want all of the groomsmen to wear it. Here are the options I am considering (opinions welcome!)
1. Groom in ivory shirt, vest, and tie; groomsmen in ivory shirt, purple vest and tie
2. Groom in all white, groomsmen in white shirts with purple vests/ties
3. Groom in ivory, groomsmen in white shirts with purple vests/ties
Will it look bad in the pictures and/or in person if we mix these shades?
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Re: mixing white and ivory? HELP!

  • Just put the men in white shirts-- it's the norm with a tux and looks best. They really shouldn't match you. The guests (who aren't thinking about color the way a bride does) are visually accustomed to white shirts and anything else will look off.
  • Don't worry about the guys in ivory, in the photos you won't be able to tell, especially with the black in between. It'll be fine, I have an ivory dress too
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  • I would put the GM in white with the purple vests and ties. The purple should make things pop and I don't think you will be able to notice the ivory and white. All eyes will be on you anyway.
  • You can mix white and ivory.  Put the guys in white shirts, it'll give a crisper look.
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  • Put the groomsmen in white shirts. No one is going to be holding up your dress comparing it to the fabric on the men's shirts.
  • Ditto all the PP.  A white shirt with a suit/tux is a classic, "neutral" look for guys so it goes with all other colors, even ivory.  My dress was ivory and the guys all wore white shirts and it looked fine! 

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    Check this picture out:

    (Clicking the picture takes you to a less blurry version.)

    I think this is the only picture of me directly next to one of the groomsmen.  There's clearly a difference between my ivory gown and his white tux, but I don't think it clashes or anything.  In photos with just DH, you can't tell a difference between his shirt and my dress at all, there are too many other colors in between.
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  • Personally, I think white shirts should be worn with tuxes.  There is such a small amount of shirt showing that it doesn't matter.
  • My DD wore an ivory dress. the guys wore white shirts with their tuxes.

    99.9% of the people at her wedding, if asked, would have said they were all in white.  People try to convince you that ivory is hugely different from white, ecru, creme, etc.

    No one's going to be comparing your dress to the guy's shirts.  I promise.
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  • Okay what about having ALL the men in white shirts and still have the groom in an ivory vest? That's what the lady at the tux shop recommended. I'm not sure if it looks okay. I just don't want anyone's shirt or my dress to look dirty because they are ivory and someone else is in white. My fiance could wear a champagne vest and tie (the color of the sash on my dress) but I think the shop's color is too dark. Who would've thought that this would be a tough decision? LOL. It was easier to find my dress!
    Yes, my flower girl is wearing ivory as well but her dress is the same color as mine-less yellow and dull than the shop's ivory shirt.
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