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I love this dress!

I was online searching for dresses when I came across Alfred Angelo style 1136 (go check it's gorgeous!). It's way over my budget! My parents are paying for my dress and my mom said it was too expensive. I've never tried on this dress, but it has everything in a dress that I want...the A-line skirt, the corset back, the beading, the sweetheart's to die for!

I found some sites online that claim they can tailor an identical dress for several hundred dollars less than the cost of the actual designer gown. My question is, can I trust this? There are a few boutiques close by that sell the dress, so I could go try it on there, decide if I like it, then buy it from one of these tailors. But I don't know if that's a good idea. Has anyone here bought their dress from an online tailor? Is this a good idea or should I just suck it up and deal with the fact that I can't have my dream dress?
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Re: I love this dress!

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    Have you looked for something similar at other stores? for instance style V9665 at David's Bridal had similar elements (beaded top that trickles down a bit, a a-line dress with a wrapped look, and a corset back). And the price was 650.

    Similar dresses I saw in a quick search were N9829, V9409, T8612, and V8820.
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