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Is it okay?

...to have an uneven wedding party? My FI has 4 guys and I only have 3 girls. One had to drop out. :-/ I dont really have anyone else I can ask... But I dont want to ask him to kick someone off either. Thats not fair to him.
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Re: Is it okay?

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      It is perfectly fine to have an uneven wedding party.  I was in my cousin's wedding when I was
    9 or 10 years old.  She only had two adult attendants and then I was a JBM.  When we walked in everyone walked by themselves.  Then when we walked out the MOH went out with the BM and then I went out with the two officants.
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    Yes it is. I have OCD, not clincal but my own diagnosis. I need everything even and organized. It would drive me crazy to not have matching numbers. 
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    Of course. Nobody will really notice! If you're worried about the walking down the aisle- you can do something different like having each of them walk individually or even 2 GMs with 1 BM at the same time. No problem at all.
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    Totally ok! I understand the hesitation, though. But seriously, it's no big deal. I doubt anyone will think anything of it.
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    Absolutely! FI has 6, I have 5. Not a big deal at all :)
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    Yeah its totally fine! We have a JBM and she will walk out by herself :)
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    Totally fine! We have 6 guys and 5 girls.  One girl just gets to be extra lucky that day and get two guys to walk her down the aisle.

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    absolutely fine! ours is somewhat uneven too, since I have junior bridesmaids plus an extra matron of honor. don't worry about it at all. FSIL had an uneven number at her wedding a few years ago, and it wasn't an issue whatsoever. sorry to hear you had a BM drop out :( 
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