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Menswear Help!

I have a pink gown, ivory colored satin with a soft pink tulle overlay. It is a strapless gown that has extensive beading down the bodice.  My MOH has a champagne colored gown, and my BM has a chocolate colored gown.

Here is the dilema. My FI isn't especially thrilled about doing black tuxes. (We were originally supposed to have a beach wedding, a bit more casual than we are now) I have found 2 different suits one sand color and one tan. They both are great choices, and I would be happy with either one of them. The problem is that we have to pay for 3 of the 5 tux/suit rentals. At $120=$150 each, that is alot of money and he went crazy and said no way!

I want the men to all match, Groom, BM, GM, RB (my son) and FOB, but I don't want to stress him out with money since we are paying for the whole wedding ourselves.

Does anyone have any ideas? Any cheaper alternatives? Any coupons to lessen the cost of the rentals?

Please Help!

Thanks :)

Re: Menswear Help!

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    Do all the guys have khakis and white shirts?  They can wear that and coordinating ties.  If you want to make it a little dressier you can see if you're able to rent just the jackets.
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    Or linen pants and a button down shirt?

    Honestly, I know everyone suggests it, but I'm not a fan of a polo shirt and khaki pants.  It reminds me too much of what you wear to a golf course.
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