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Maybe it's just me and the areas I shop in, and maybe it will get better if I go to a larger city....

But, I'm a size 0 or 2--sometimes a 4, depending on the dress (if it's got a corset back, it can be tightened to fit me). I went to David's Bridal a couple of weeks ago and they had no dresses in size 0 or 2. Only 3 dresses in a size 4. Maybe 5 dresses in a size 6, and the rest were 8 and higher. The ones that were bigger sizes had dozens of dresses.
I went to a local designer boutique, and they didn't have anything smaller than an 8. Most were 10s and 12s.
I went to Alfred Angelo yesterday and they had 3 in a size 2 and 3 in a size 4. Maybe 4 in a size 6 and 5 in a size 8. There were about 20 in a size 10, even more in a size 12 and then maybe 10 in the rest of the sizes.

I'm just wondering why there aren't many small samples. The biggest I can go is a size 6 or 8 to pin back. Anything bigger than that is wayyy to big, and you loose the entire style of the dress, if you can pin it back at all.

I know some "bigger" people used to complain that they "weren't sample size" and referred to the sample sizes being size 2 or 4. I can understand why a store would want to carry a lot of larger dresses, but I think they should carry a fair amount of small dresses too.

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm getting really irritated when I can't find anything small enough to try on.

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    I find you and the posts about how skinny you are to be kind of annoying (you aren't the only skinny person in the world), nor the only one with a fast metabolism. That said, salons aren't going to carry the same dress in a 2, a 8, and a 12. It's a waste of money and space for them. So they get an 8, and they can secure it pretty tightly for those it is too big on, it fits a lot of people just fine, and anyone bigger than an 8 is kind of out of luck.

    All of the samples were too big on me too, but once they secure them in the back they were fine.
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    I'm sorry that you think I'm annoying. But it's a real problem. I try on 8's, but they have to pin them back so much that there's no way to see what the design/style really would look like. Sometimes they can't even pin it back enough. I know they wouldn't carry the same stuff in a bunch of different sizes, but I think they should have a larger selection of small sizes.
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    I think you will  be fine, just let them pin the back on you. You can still get the effect of the dress. I had the exact opposite problem, some of the dresses were too small on me, so they had to also fasten it with clips. Some of the dresses they order in are not true to size. I am not a fattie but the dresses still didn't zip up.

    Good luck finding a dress.
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    I had the same problem at the first two shops.  One had a size 4 that was basically just a long tank top, and the other store had a HUGE ballgown that I tried on for the heck of it.  The third shop actually had smaller sizes, and I bought a size 4 off the rack.  It will have to be taken in, but at least the length is already good!  Keep looking and you'll find the right store. 
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    It's simply not cost-effective or space-effective for stores to stock dresses that only a small number of brides can try on.

    While it may not be possible to get the full effect of a dress with a larger size pinned on to you, the fact is that you can get IN to the dress. If a large portion of sample dresses came in small sizes, a lot of brides wouldn't be able to get into them at all.
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    I think if you have an idea of exactly what you want and you know your body well then you shouldn't have any trouble. I think you should look up dresses that complement petite brides too. Also, try looking at or (not necessarily to buy a dress unless you want to but to find real girls who are also your size so you can see  the real fit of certain dresses to petite body types.)

    Also, average woman is street size 6-8 which is bridal size 10-12 so you're most likely not going to find anything except those sizes.  Just find an associate who is really good at pinning.  Trust me, it's an issue almost everyone has when trying on dresses. You aren't in the minority on this one.
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    OMG I totally feel your pain.  Sometimes the clothes at Gap Kids are just too flashy, so I'm forced to go to the American Girl Store and order clothes for large colonial dolls.

    Life sucks sometimes.
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    i did! i'm the same size and I ended up just giving up my dress is alot bigger then me and I'm just having it altered till it's the right size. I totally understand I went to every bridal shop around and never felt pretty in anything because it twas all huge!
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    I understand it's frustrating, but most people aren't on the "small" side.  It's easier to fit a person in a bigger dress and pin and clip it, then put a bigger person in a smaller dress... it just doesn't work.  For the bridal shop's sake, they can fit more people into a bigger dress than a smaller, so it is just more reasonable for them, and isn't a waste.
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