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Dress Dilemma :(

Today, I took my dress out of the bag for the first time since my fitting to show my sister. Upon doing so, we found multiple dirty spots! I have no idea how they got there, and all I could do was cry. I didn't trust someone to alter it, and now I have to trust someone to clean it. It seems like it's a dusty kind of dirt (possibly from the dress shop?) and will need to get it dry cleaned. Someone just told me, however, that they worked in a dress shop and that dry cleaning it could make it worse? Never heard that before, but I'm scared now. My dress is satin (Maggie Sottero Monalisa Royale), and I will absolutely die if something happens to it. What do I do? :/

Re: Dress Dilemma :(

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    I really have no experience in dress cleaning, I'd ask the dress store what they'd recommend and then I'd also see if I can contact Maggie Sottero and see what they recommend and if they match I'd feel safe doing that.  But, take a deep breath and look at it again tomorrow, is it really that bad?  Will anyone ever notice/ could you see it in a picture?  In all honesty after dancing and eating and all the fun stuff that'll happen you'll probably get a lil bit of something on your dress.  It's upsetting, but I worry that you'll try to fix a problem only noticable to you and create a problem that'll be noticable to everyone if something happens with the dry cleaning--- again I have no clue how they clean wedding gowns so you may be 100% safe dry cleaning.
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    [QUOTE]I really have no experience in dress cleaning, I'd ask the dress store what they'd recommend and then I'd also see if I can <strong>contact Maggie Sottero and see what they recommend</strong>[/QUOTE]

    I agree with this.  I'm sorry about your dress; the shop should've been more careful with it.  As for dry cleaners, I'm pretty sure they're safe.  I have family members who have taken their wedding dresses to dry cleaners for cleaning and haven't had a problem.
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    I would try to spot clean it and (as a wedding planner) I would recommend contacting an heirloom restoration alterations place - they are best equipped to handle delicate fabrics!  They deal with sensitive stuff everyday!   
    I don't know where you live - but if you aren't close to a city, they would at least be able to coach you through what to do yourself -

    I DEFINITELY wouldn't trust a dry 1950, maybe, but not today...sorry. 
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    Well I personally do not have any kind of experience in cleaning the wedding gown......But I saw one of my cousin clean her wedding dress once......She just soak a cotton cloth in warm water and rubbed that piece of cloth on the dress and then she rubbed the area with very light soapy water with the help of cotton cloth.....And spread the baby powder on the dirty spot and left it for 5 minutes....And after that she rubbed it with only plain warm water.....

    But I would suggest you to search a good dry cleaner in your area and trust them.......As this is the only option you have......
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    Thanks, everyone. My dress tag says it can be dry cleaned, but I don't really want to do that. It really is pretty noticeable. It's like all down the train. :/ My sister used ivory soap to spot clean and store her dress, and it looked like it had been professionally cleaned. Maybe I'll try spot cleaning! It really is upsetting. :/
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