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Here's my dilema, I have a dress but there is another dress that I keep going back to. Part of the problem is my bridesmaid dresses(not that they are actually a problem), they are custom made vintage 1950's dresses, very demure, simple and modest. Now there's my dress, beautiful a very princessy ball gown. Now the dress that I keep thinking about is a bit more demure, fit and flare lace dress with cap sleeves, it was one of the first dresses I had tried on and I fell in love with it but it was a little more than I wanted to spend, now however its marked down $200 and in my head i can see that particular dress "fitting" with my bridesmaids dresses. I also see myself feeling more comfortable in that particular dress, they both say "look at me" but the original dress is a little bit quieter, which is more me. I'm shy and quiet and actually have to really get used to the idea of this being "my day" and all eyes being on me. UGH!!!
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