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Bridesmaids dress EMERGENCY!!

Well, it's 3 weeks before my wedding and I just called in to check if my BM dresses had arrived. I was told that since my 3rd BM hadn't come in (she's no longer in the wedding party), and they hadn't been told so, that the dresses had never been ordered, because they like to order them all together, even though my other 2 BM had paid for their dresses months ago, along with a "rush" fee to get them here on time. I was never told this, nor dd my consultant call to check in on the wherabouts of my other BM. Well, I won't know till Monday if we can get them on such short notice, but just in case i'm on the hunt for something suitable (black or black and white is fine) for my girls to wear that I can get ordered and here ASAP. Any ideas???

Re: Bridesmaids dress EMERGENCY!!

  • Go to a department store, or a store like Ann Taylor or J. Crew, and buy something off the rack so you can take it home that same day. Also try David's Bridal and Group USA. Marshall's or TJ Maxx might work since you have two bridesmaids and not a ton.

    And make sure you get a full refund from the salon.
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    Check out White House Black Market.
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  • Ditto PP--if you only have 2 BMs, you shouldn't have a problem finding two dresses that either match or coordinate at a mass market retailer. Try department stores, David's Bridal, and boutiquey stores like White House Black Market, Ann Taylor, Cache, and others. Don't limit yourself to dresses marketed as "bridesmaid" dresses.
  • Or, if nothing else, ask them if they already own black cocktail dresses, and if so then let them just wear those. Give them matching colorful sashes or pashminas to tie the look together.
  • Really a little frustrated. Now you can try online shopping lke, or others, which can custom-make your dress in short time. Good luck!!
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    [QUOTE]Check out White House Black Market.
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    Was gonna say that.


  • Gotta agree with everyone else.  I'm not even looking at "bridesmaids" dresses for my bridesmaids.  I'm checking Macy's and other department stores.  I recently checked their site and they have plenty of black and white dresses as well as a bridesmaids section if you really want one labeled for bridesmaids.  Good luck finding something!
  • Sounds like you live in the US....but if you happen to live in Canada, go to RW & Company - they always have a great stock of stylish, cocktail-style dresses that can easily work as BM dresses that you can buy off the rack.

    Good luck!!

  • I just ordered dresses for my bridesmaid and flower girls at this website the dresses are gorgeous!!! AND we got them for amazing prices!! i would definately recommend that you check them out! Good luck!
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