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Grecian style bridesmaid dresses

Hi everyone!  I love this dress, but unfortunately the majority of my bridesmaids do not.  They think it will call too much attention to their midsection.  I am hoping maybe there is something out there that has the same or similar top, without the "pouch" type thing in the middle. 

I've also been looking for something like this.  This dress is from BHLDN, but I was hoping to find something similar but less pricey (up to $200)


Also, now that you see the style I'm going for, if you have additional ideas, please let me know. Thanks so much!

Re: Grecian style bridesmaid dresses

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    I love the first dress! I think you should have someone try it on instead of assuming it draws attn to midsection. I thought it may look a bit hip-y, but in a sexy way.

    Check out JCrew. Cute chiffon dresses with similar silhouettes, but they are around $250.
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    The first one is amazing, and if the birdesmaid want it not to be tight in the under bust, you can make it into empire waist., it is the best way.
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    How about this bridesmaid dress, similar sweetheart neckline. Simple design, my fridends bought 4 dresses with low price from online shop.( Their dresses are custom made. My friends want all dresses are tea length and removable strap. They did what we wanted. If you have other special requirements, you can tell them.  I think you can contact their customer service first and ask for their suggestion.
    Hope it help you!
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    Thank you all for the advice! I had 2 of my BMs try it on. The sample was too small for the other girls to try so maybe I'll just see if another store carries it in a larger size. But I did have that thought that they shouldn't knock it till they try it! Sophy I'm curious as far as how I could make it into an empire if you can describe. Thanks again!
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    Most women find roushing to the sides better than in the middle. As a pear-shaped girl, I'd look hideous in that dress. My big hips would just look bigger.

    But something like this brings it to the side, instead of the middle.
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    msuprincess I LOVE the Jim Hjelm dress. I think it's a good balance of what my BMs want and I want. Your advice helped me to gain some perspective too. Thank you so much!
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    Hrm... I have big hips too, and this dress, while gorgeous, would make me cry just by being near it.  That model is stick thin, and the dress is giving her hips that don't quit.  

    Are any of your girls curvy in the party?  They might also be concerned with the top as well.  Those cups arn't giving a lot of room, and would cause pushup on anything above a B.  It's almost as if this dress was designed for women who don't really have a figure, and want to have something to enhance curves.
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    Yes there are 2 curvier girls. I am smaller up top especially so I guess that is why it is hard for me to understand their anxiety regarding the dress. I appreciate hearing your thoughts. Thank you!
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    I agree with R, the first one is really pretty, and the top is a bit like mine ,  
    I also chose it for my BMs, but luckily they all like it. I think you have to decide what you want.  Giving them too many choices or trying to incorporate too many opinions was too much.  How many BM's do you have?  Can you maybe take the MOH to the store and let her pick and then go with that?
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