July 2012 Weddings

1st time MOH!

My best friend is getting married this Saturday and I'm MOH in her wedding.  Since I don't have any sisters, or any other close gf's that don't have sisters they are close with, this will probably be the only opportunity for me to be a MOH in someone's wedding.  Needless to say, I'm beyond thrilled and am SO happy for my friend.  She came out of a nightmare of a relationship prior to meeting her soon-to-be husband, so it's nice to see her happy again.

On that note... she asked me to give a speech/toast at the wedding.  I'm a horrible public speaker (I had to take it twice in college).  The dresses she picked out are not figure-flattering in the least (for plus-size gals like me, anyway), which makes me all the more self-conscious. My face is going to immediately turn red and I'll probably end up stumbling through my speech, even though what I wrote is pretty good.

So if I end up dying of a heart attack Saturday evening, you'll all know why.  RIP k8888.

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