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What bouquet would look best?

I have an off white, sweetheart neckline floor length pick up gown (There's no picture on this website, or where I got it) with some beading on the top and the pick ups also have beading in them. there is no train, so I have an extra long veil.  originally, I wanted a cascading calla lilly bouquet that was royal purple and white, but now I'm worried that its too much!  What would look best with that sort of dress?

Also, I am having a formal wedding, and its on Easter.  We were thinking of finding some small glass blown eggs on stems to add to my bouquet, but I've also considered baskets of flowers. Would that take the formality away? Thanks so much!

Re: What bouquet would look best?

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    Personally I wouldn't do the egg thing - you aren't celebrating are celebrating your wedding!
    As for the bouquet...usually the simpler the dress is the more "over the top" the bouquet can be. It sounds like your dress has a lot a detailing with the beading up top and the pick ups - you wan't people to be able to see all of that. To focus on you in your dress...not your flowers. I think it would be beautifully stunning to have white callas framed with the royal purple callas - maybe about 10'' in diameter if you really love the idea of flowers. It is a personal preference - some brides are not so hung up on the flowers and some think they make their wedding. It's up to you - but remember that callas, when bundled as in a cascading bouquet, don't allow much past them so people may not be able to see the beauty of your dress.
    Again - my opinion....but do weigh all options!
    Good luck!
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    i think the eggs could be gorgeous! and i think formality does not have to mean dead serious if the rest of the tone is very formal the eggs can be a whimsical sweet touch that also awknowledges the beauty of the spring holiday you chose. AND it would make the bouquet unique instead of just another spring flower bouquet.
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    I think the eggs could be pretty.  But, maybe really think if you want easter eggs on your wedding day.  As for the bouquet, your dress sounds gorgeous, but full of detail, I would pick a bouquet that would compliment your dress but not over power or take away from your dress.
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    I'd nix the egg idea, but thats just my opinion.  The cascading purple and white calla's sound pretty.  If your worried about it being "too much", use the same flowers to create more of a bundled looking bouquet.
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