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Checks and PIP!

Alright ladies, I have just about 2 weeks to go and everything is coming together nicely!!!

Ceremony Programs almost done, need to finish adding ribbon.
Table numbers done
Favor Tags punched (fudge is being picked up Wed before the wedding)
Bird/Card Cage is Decorated
Votive candles are all unwrapped and ready to go
Bathroom basket is done
Got guest book from photographer
Going for my final fitting tomorrow

now, we just need to do the pew bows and put the bows on the fudge when we get it and we are all set! I wish we could get the fudge earlier but I don't want it getting hard.

And now for pictures!!

Table numbers, they're actually two different frames. I got home and realized half were slightly different but didn't care enough to return them. They look white here but we actually spray painted them ivory. 

Bathroom basket and Card Cage

Program baskets and programs

Here is the listing for my RB plates. We just found some plates at TJMaxx for $1 and we ordered decals to apply to them. We're going to hot glue a bow on it as well. (waiting for the decal to arrive)

If you want to see the guest book email me and I can forward you the proof :) 

Stress is finally being relieved! I can't believe its two weeks!!
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