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Negotiate the dress price?

I've been looking at dresses, but don't know the proper protocol for pricing? Are bridal shops willing to negotiate dress prices or is the price...the price? What about if your party all are buying their dresses there too?

Re: Negotiate the dress price?

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    I would never negotiate the price of a wedding gown, but then again I don't negotiate any clothing price.  A car, yes.  A gown, no.
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    You can absolutely negotiate the price of a dress. I did.  They initially gave me a 10% discount off the dress, and when I saw they were willing to reduce the price, I asked if they can come a little further down for me.  Then they gave me another 10%.  In exchange, I promised to have my five bridesmaids get their dresses from there.  And this was at a very fancy salon.

    However, I negotiated wisely.  I did it over email right after I had my appointment.  I told them how much I loved their store, service, and gown.  But I told them there was another designer gown at a store that was selling at a certain price in my budget, but I didn't like it as much.  I asked if they could do anything for me.  I had also tried on bridesmaid gowns at their store, so I promised to get the bridesmaid dresses from them for sure.  They ended up calling me the next day offering me the deeper discount.

    If you give them a budget, and if they see you fall in love with a dress that's a bit above that, I think stores are willing to compromise  They know the economy is bad, and they want to make a sale.  And you see it all the time on Say Yes to the Dress.   Good luck!
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    i think a smaller store might be easier to do this at then a chain like davids or alfred angelo, but you can always try.
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    The place I neogiated at is a national designer with stores across the country.  It is at the perogative of the store manager to give discounts.  I don't know if David's would give a discount, but they have sales.
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    My experience is sometimes they offer like a 10% discount if you make an appt.  They also might give you a discount on the BM dresses if you buy them at the same store.  I am buying my gown and my BM dresses at two different stores.  I got 10% off my dress and veil for booking an appt and then we are getting 15% off the BM and flower girl dresses because I am buying all 7 at the same store.  You can ask, but I definitely wouldn't over do it. 
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    I would absolutely ask! If you watch "Say Yes to the Dress' Klienfelds comes down in price whenever they can when the bride asks politely if the price of the dress has any leeway... and they're a major high end salon.
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    It totally depends on the store and also the designer.  I bought a Maggie Sottero dress and I have been told that the dress prices are set by the designer and they cannot go any lower than that price or MS will not allow them to sell the dresses.  However, MS is a cheaper line (my dress was $800) so it was already a good price.  I wasn't sure I believed the first store, but I called around and all stores in my area the price only varied by about $30.

    I feel you might have more luck with more expensive dresses/designers.  Like others said, it is worth asking!  Also, if you buy a sample dress, you can definitely ask for a discount.
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    You can sure negotiate.  Not at David's but all over.  Also check the online stores such as and and you will get lower prices.
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