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So, recently, my wonderful FMIL was in an accident. She didn't suffer any head trama or any life threatening injuries, but she is now paralyzed from about the mid-back down and will not be able to walk again. Now that she's in recovery (extensive rehabilitation to basically teach her how to do things in her wheelchair), she's started to worry about what style dress to wear for our December wedding. While it's not something really to worry about right now, I think she wants a distraction. Before the accident, she was really worried about what style of dress she would wear because she loves trends and fun fashion, but didn't want to look like she was trying too hard/ cover "problem areas." Now she's concerned that whatever she gets won't matter because people will just focus on the chair. 

Any suggestions, pictures, etc, I could give her with ideas for styles to look into that will make her feel better/ worry less about what she'll wear? I know she'll find something that she loves eventually, but maybe giving her some fun ideas will help her worry less and have something fun to look forward to while she's trying to make some major major adjustments. 
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    I agree with pp. She can't change her situation, but if she's just happy and excited about the day and not focusing on the chair, no one else will either. I also agree with decorating the chair. My oldest neice has cerebral palsy and will definitely be rocking out her chair with flowers and a long gown.
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    I totally agree.  Bling the heck out of that chair and rock it!  My FI loves American Idol so we watch it each week.  There was some songwriter on there who had broken his neck and was in a neck brace, but he had it all covered in rhinestones.  I would strass the heck out of that sucker!
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    LeguLegu member
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    Totally agree with all above. If you/she tries to hide the chair, people will whisper about it. The chair is a part of her now, it deserves to look as pretty as she will, whichever dress she chooses. On a side note... Fantastic for her for still makin a big deal about going to the wedding... It's so nice to hear that rather than "so and so doesn't want to go cause they're miserable". It's a horrible situation, yes... How sweet that she's concerned in this way, rather than moping about it. :]
    So, maybe things don't always go as planned... Maybe that's okay. I may be alone for now, but my baby boy is on his way, and I wouldn't change a thing.
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    Legu, my FMIL is an amazing woman. Within about 2 days of the accident she was cracking jokes and being sarcastic and bossy (which is how she usually is). It's not to say that she hasn't had bad days, but she's absolutely fantastic. I think now that she's realized that most things are actually going to be pretty normal, different, yes, but not as much as I think we all originally thought. 
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    [QUOTE]I would recommend a long gown in her favorite color, with a boat load of flowers decorating her wheel chair.  Tell her to own it!
    Posted by CMGr[/QUOTE]

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