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Im sure you have all wrote, read and commented a million times about DJs and if i find the thread Ill be sure to learn how to use it lol.. for now, i am looking for DJ for Derry wedding but dont want to spend much over 1000 for the whole 5.5 hrs, meeting with main event tonight and only 3 djs in my budget really is Kibar, Albin, and Nolan.... anyone have any questions comments concerns about any of these guys, experience, how well they did, etc??? Also any other DJ companies with good reps much appreciated ty :):)
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Re: Main event DJ's

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    Kibar is great.  I went to HS with him and you'll find nothing but rave reviews here.  I tried to get him for my wedding, but he was booked (nearly a year out!).

    I'm going with Nolan.  I spoke with him on the phone, but haven't yet met him.  I'm going off of a recommendation given by a fellow Knottie.  So, I'm sure he's great! :)
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    I've met both Kibar and Nolan at a bridal show, and think they would be great choices! 
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    We've booked Kibar for our wedding and have heard nothing but great things about him here on the knot.
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    I believe DJ Dave Lynch is also within your price point

    As is George Parker

    Good luck!
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    We booked Drew Ressler from Get Down Tonight Entertainment for our daughter's wedding in 9/2011. He is very charming, (met him at a bridal show). His rates were very reasonable because he's only been DJ-ing for about a year though, about $800.
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    I'm going with Billy from Main Event and he has been great to work with so far.  I contacted Main Event for information and they offered me a discount on certain DJ's, which is how we were able to get Billy. 
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    We met with Main Even and they seemed really nice but then we met with Scott Hudson and he's AWESOME!!!!!  He has great equipment and you'll love him the second you talk to him.  He's so awesome and he kept our wedding going.  Everyone LOVED him.  I can't say enough good things about Scott and he will definitely be way under 1000.   He is by far the best DJ I have seen at a wedding and I'm so glad he was my DJ.  He came out to our house to meet with us 2 times and it's like we have been friends forever the first time I met him.  if you want his contact info email me at [email protected]
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    Met with main event tonight with Joey Dione, they seem so great and Billy Rears was actually in the office so got to meet him quickly... We are torn between Bill and Kibar but billy is soo out of our price range but really did like him best!! :-\ Torn now... Daydream what type of discount anything we might be eligble for, id love to get Billy!! :( TY ALLLL for your input! Love u gurls hehe
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    A little late to the party, but I always have to rave about how great Kibar was at our wedding. And I also have to let you know that I knew Kibar previously. But he got every person at my wedding dancing at some point or another. He was super easy to get ahold of and always answered emails quickly.

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    Hi Angel...

    When I e-maile Kristen at Main Event to inquire about all of their DJ's she just sent me a list of DJ's that she could offer me a discount on, and Billy was on it. I really didn't do anything special, I guess it was just luck! You could try calling or e-mailing her and see if she can offer you anything.  Might be worth a try!
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