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Bridesmaids gifts..

What are you getting your bridesmaids?  I am think about getting them necklaces, and a bracelet and maybe earrings...I am completly addicted to Etsy and can't get enough of it.  Is there any other place like Etsy that I can browse.  Thanks

Re: Bridesmaids gifts..

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    Get them something that they'll each like and use. It's O.K. to get them each something different (because what are the chances that 5 girls have the exact same taste?) and the gifts should not be themed around your wedding.

    So, if you are asking the girls to wear this jewelry to your wedding, then that's not a gift for them. It's part of their uniform for the day. Get them something else in addition to that - even something small, but it should be something you picked out for them, not something that'll match their BM dress and then they can just keep it afterward.

    I got each of my BMs a tote bag in a design she liked. BM got a biography book and sticker bookplates since she likes to read; MOH got a cookbook and an apron. They both got Visa gift cards to spend on whatever they wanted.
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    Something that you would get them for their birthdays!

    I know there are a few of my BM's that LOVE wine! So I was thinking of getting them their favorite bottle of wine & a personalized wine glass!

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    Great jewelry bridesmaid gifts....

    check it out:
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