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Re: WTF Friday

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    WTF diet!  I've been trying my hardest and working out burning between 500-800 calories a day!  The least you could have done was let me reach my goal for tomorrow!  It was only 3lbs more.  Now I have to go buy a new outfit.  Jerk.
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    WTF credit card company!  You have totally pissed me off.  If both things were your fault, then you should remove both fees.  I will be calling back until you remove them.  You pissed off the wrong lady!
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    WTF!   Why can't I get motivated?  Instead of doing stuff that needs to be done, I am sitting here in my PJs online and watching tv.  I really wish I wasn't such a procrastinator.
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    WTF work.  I am tired of putting fires out.  Stop creating these bad situations!  Thanks
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