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Let me see your....


I was going to have these really fancy programs made and then I decided it really isn't going to fit in my budget so I'm going to DIY. Can I see what you ladies are doing?

Wedding date July 7, 2012

Re: Let me see your....

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    Our final meeting with my minister is not until Mid-June, and that is when we will finalize all of our songs/readings/etc....we will work on our programs after that!! I would love to see some inspiration from other ladies too :)
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    We are doing the paddle fan programs but I havent made them yet.  I just bought supplies over the weekend and still need to figure out how we are wording them.  I have a bunch pinned on my wedding board... http://pinterest.com/toocutegirls/wedding/   There is a ton of stuff pinned on their...sorry...I wasnt very organzied when I first started pinning!
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    I don't have a pic because they aren't done yet. But we are doing super simple one page bi-fold programs. We did buy nice paper for them. They go:
    Front cover- names and date
    Inside left- ceremony order, people, brief explanations
    Inside right- detailed explanations (I'm Jewish and FI isn't so we don't want his family to be confused)
    Back cover- In Memorium

    Short, simple, gets the point across. We're going to try and print them ourselves.

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    We're ordering ours online to match our invitations. These are the sample picture online of our invitations:

    Here are our programs we're going to order. They're tri-folds:


    Front and Back:

    I covered our personal information with the black ink.
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    We're not doing programs. I've never been to a wedding with programs - so I didn't even know they existed until this board.

    Good luck though. :o)
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    Amanda - those are great! I found similar templates on line but the extra touch you added is great!
    Wedding date July 7, 2012
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    I'm DIYing them. They will be square shaped booklets, held together by eyelets and twine. They coordinate with our invitations and other paper related items. I don't have pictures on the computer I'm on now, but I can post them later. I just designed them in KeyNote and printed at home.
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    Here's my DIY ones.. they were alot of work but I love them.:

    Front (and the same on all of them)

    On the back I made 3 different games for the guests to do while they wait and attached a pencil to the fan handle.



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    Bright - we aren't doing programs either! Our ceremony is so short and our bridal party so small that I don't find it necessary for us. Also saving us a little $$. :-)
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    I'm with Pillsbury and Bright.  I ditched the programs to save $$$  

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    We are waiting until the week of to print ours out ourselves becuase my sister is Due the week of our wedding and I want it to be accurate. 

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