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Jewelry Opinions. HELP!

Okay, so I already bought some jewelry for the day, but when looking for jewelry for my BM's, I came across what might be a better option, so I need some honest opinions....

This is my dress (the sample was in ivory, but I purchased it in white).  I hate the bling on the sash that comes with it, so in this picture, I have it flipped backwards, so it's just the plain satin sash.  I'm in the process of figuring out how to add a little bit of decoration and texture to it, but that's a different story (I have a post on the DIY board about it).


This is the jewelry I've already purchased.  I was thinking for my sash that I'd add a pearl-like detail, which is why I decided to do pearl accessories.

This is the hair piece that I have purchased already.  My colors are black, white and yellow and since I'm not big on color on the dress itself, I wanted to add a little bit of yellow with the accessories (my shoes will be yellow too).  Also, it has pearl details in the middle, which I thought helped tie in the jewelry too.

And now finally to my bridesmaids are in black and white dresses, so I was looking for yellow accessories for them and I came across some other jewelry that I actually really like (and might actually get use of after the wedding too).  So here are the pieces that I am considering:

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