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Soo overwhelming!

I can't believe how much goes into planning a wedding and trying to remember EVERYTHING!!

How do you do it with out getting overwhelmed?
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Re: Soo overwhelming!

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    I like lists, but I break them down into do-able lists. I also like the knot checklist, it breaks it down from month-to-month so you can remember everything without getting overwhelmed. 
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    For me, checklists are helpful.  I think lots of people get overwhelmed by them, but it's good to at least consider them .  Also, talk to other girls getting married at the same time, so the board for your day/month, and read about what they're doing. That helps!
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    What helped me was giving myself a year to plan, and getting things done early. Each week I set goals of what I want to get accomplished, sometimes just getting one thing done each week is helpful. Hire your vendors as soon as possible. Take it one day at a time and try not to focus on everything at once, once something is done put it in a wedding binder, that may be helpful, and like what others have said, lists do help. Plus the knot boards are super helpful!

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