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What type of veil should I choose?

I've already purchased a 2-tier fingertip veil with beading around the edges but having second thoughts now. Would love some suggestions as to what type of veil to match with this dress. I don't really want it to be overwhelming either since I'm barely pushing 5'0". Stick with a 2-tier, maybe just do a 1-tier? Beads/crystals around the edge, or all over? And what length, should I still stick with a fingertip? Appreciate all your suggestions!" alt="0" />

Re: What type of veil should I choose?

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    anything poufy is going to make you look shorter, I would go with a one tier, or a two tier if its not a poufy one, and dont place it on the crown of the head.
    I like the beading around the edge, I am beading the edge of my veil too, I think it will look awesome with your dress :)
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    How about a birdcage veil? I am 5'0" also and felt like any kind of veil would shorten me even more, so i went with the birdcage :)
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    First of all, I LOVE your dress!

    A agree with katmstrange - a birdcage veil would look great with that dress. 
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    I would go with a one tier full length veil. It will elongate you and also will look amazing with your fitting gown!!!
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