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Which place to buy dress?

I just moved from Denver to Houston but I'm planning to have my wedding in Colorado. Should I buy my dress in Colorado or in Texas? I'm already making trips to CO every few months to do all the planning but I don't know if I should buy my dress in TX so I can do all the fittings here. Any suggestions?

Re: Which place to buy dress?

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    You'll want to check on your local board, this is an International board. Good luck!
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    My experience was that the seamstress was only available at the shop twice a month on Wednesdays, so if you have a similar situation that you will only be able to go in for fittings during the week, and you work a nine to five job in Texas and have been jetting to Colorado on weekends, it may be better for you to purchase your dress in Houston.
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    I ordered my dress from where the wedding will be, in Indiana.  They will be shipping the dress to my house in Chicago, that way we didnt have to pay sales tax on the dress!!!  I will be getting alterations done in Chicago thou.
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