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Belsoie Bordeux??

HI!  Has anyone seen a Belsoie bridesmaid's dress (specifically, style #L3004) in bordeux (supreme satin)?  I originally thought it was an eggplant color but when I finally found a larger swatch in a dress shop, it looks more like a purple.  Does anyone have any pictures or opinions they can share with me?  I haven't ordered the BM dresses yet because this has been plaguing me!  It's an October wedding so I need to begin the order process soon.

Re: Belsoie Bordeux??

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    I think its more of a dark wine color. The dark green isn't as dark in person either... just FYI :) My BM dresses are Belsoie and I'm using teal or cobalt.

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    I found it to be like a dark wine/raspberry color, as well.  I saw #L2056 in the store which is also supreme satin and the photo online looks pretty close to me.  When you click on the bordeaux link and the mannequin pops up it looks more purply to me, but I don't think that's a true representation.  I was looking for purple and this dress/designer didn't have anything that worked for me.  The Dessy purples worked better for me.
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