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other stores for BMs?

I've only been to DB for any attire for weddings, but I'm trying to find somewhere with possibly cheaper options for my BMs. Where is a good choice? Would you recommend getting the dresses made somewhere? I have no idea how expensive that would be though.

Re: other stores for BMs?

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    You could always try a department store.
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    Target.  Also department stores frequently have sales for their nice dresses. 
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    Macy's, Nordstrom, etc. Basically any department store is going to have cocktail dress options that can double as BM dresses.

    If you don't care if your girls match, you could also just give them some guidelines (color, hem length), and let them buy their own dresses. Then they could go wherever they feel comfortable shopping, and get something they know they will wear again.
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    When I was a BM right out of high school we all got our dresses from Deb's. Not sure if they have them in your area or not but they are a good location for any type of dress. Also, I was at my local Dillards the other day and they have lots of dress options.
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    My BMs wore Ann Taylor dresses. We purchased them off the website during a 40% off sale, so they came to $129 each.

    Try Marshall's or TJ Maxx, I've bought cocktail dresses there for about $25-$40.

    Dress Barn sometimes has really nice dresses. I just bought one yesterday for $60.

    Check out, and

    Look in department stores during sales.

    Consider picking a color and length from David's Bridal, then look on eBay for dresses in their size in whatever styles they like. A lot of bridesmaids just wear them once and then try to sell them. Or sometimes the bride will sell the lot of them as one auction.

    Or look on eBay for something like new or gently-used J. Crew cocktail dresses.
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    I told my girls just to wear black.  Two went through a plus-size specialty shop, one found a DB dress at a thrift store, one went to Target, and one wore something she already owned.  If you really want to be kind to their budgets, just give them a color (you can give them a fabric swatch or paint chip if you want something specific) and leave it to them to find something suitable that they can afford.
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    Victoria Secret!!! I know it sounds weird but they have a lot of cute dresses you can order in a variety of looks and colors for a reasonable price
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    [QUOTE]Target.  Also department stores frequently have sales for their nice dresses. 
    Posted by jenn.daniel[/QUOTE]

    This :)  I think my BMs are wanting to get their dresses from Target.  They even have a BM collection on the website.  And Zac Posen has a line now!  (Sorry...I REALLY love Target!)
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    That's a HUGE help. Thanks everybody!!!
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