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Davids Bridal v9409 bustle?????

So in a previous message, I was deciding whether or not to keep my original dress pick, or look for a new dress.... well, it's been an emotional whirlwind of a week and I have decided to keep the original dress.

It's davids bridal v9409.  Does anyone have a picture of the dress bustled???  and was it hard to bustle???

Re: Davids Bridal v9409 bustle?????

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    I have that dress.  I'm not sure how we're going to bustle it, it will probably just be a one- or three-point bustle.

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    You should ask your seamstress. She'll be able to show you a variety of options. There isn't just one stock way to bustle a dress-- a skilled draper can do a variety of things.
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    i tried that on at davids bridal and they bustled it for me. it looks cute the french way (they showed me two optons) it didnt seem that hard they just slip the ribbon over a botten and your good to go.
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    also on your last fitting they tell you to bring your MOH and they teach her how to bustle it for you
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    I ordered that dress 2 weeks ago and love it!!! 
    What is a 'french bustle"? I like easy!!!
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    I have this dress for my July 2012 wedding! I hadn't even thought about the fact that I might need a bustle... What did you ladies end up doing? Photos would be awesome! :)
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    I got this dress for my June 2012 wedding. I just got the bustle done. It is alright when it is up, but they had to attach a bunch of clear buttons underneath the chiffon, and you can sort of see them through the skirt.....I wasn't thrilled but David's told me this is how they do the bustle on this dress. I wasn't told this when I went in for alterations. I was already shocked enough when they said they would have to add buttons to the outside of the dress beside the lace up. 
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