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Hi everyone!

My best friend is planning her wedding and has asked us to order our bridesmaids dresses online since we are scattered all over the East Coast.  She picked Dessy Alfred Sung dresses.

My question is...I am currently in between a size 4 and size 6...My normal dress size is a size 4 and I have read some reviews that say these dresses do run big.  I also read on a sizing website that the actual garment is up to 2 inches larger to allow "room to breathe".  

I hate to be one of those people who say "I am going to lose weight", but my wedding is only a few months after hers and I know that I will be working with a personal trainer at that time.  If I am only a half inch larger than the listed size it safe to say I should order the 4 instead of swimming in the 6 and having to pay for alterations?

Please let me know if anyone has experience ordering Dessy dresses and how they fit!! Thanks I appreciate it!

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    Can you find a bridal shop in your area that carries Alfred Sung and ask them to measure you and order what size they think is best? It probably won't cost you any more money than it would cost you to order direct from AS's website. I think the rule of thumb with wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses is to always go up a size. Is there a size chart on AS's website? Eitherway, I would find a local shop that carries AS and ask them to measure you and order the size they think is best. It's easier to take something in than it is to let it out.
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    I wore a Dessy bridesmaid dress in a friend's wedding about 2 months ago. My normal dress size is a 6, but sometimes I need an 8. I went with a size 6 in the Dessy dress and it fit perfect- no alterations needed.
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    I just finished altering an Alfred Sung BM dress for my dd.  She ordered a size 12 (she's a street size 10), and we knew - according to the measurements on the Dessy site - that it would likely be a little big in the bust and a little snug in the waist.  It was exactly that.

    However - I will say that the seam allowances for letting out a little at the waist were NOT generous.  In some spots the seam allowance was only 1/4", and some spots about 5/8" (which is normal).  In general, the constuction was pretty shoddy, in fact.  I had to take it in and up at the bust and shoulders anyway, so in the end I wish she'd ordered the 14.

    I wouldn't count on being able to let out the dress much if you need to, FWIW.
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