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Strapless to Sweetheart

Does anyone have pictures of before and after neckline alterations?  I would like to alter my strapless (it's sorta scoop neck)  Vera Wang White dress into a sweetheart.  I am already planning on adding one strap of tulle.  I know it's possible and done a lot, I just would like to see pictures!  Thank you!

Re: Strapless to Sweetheart

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    As a seamstress I will be honest and its not an easy task... a couple of lacy  or tulle cap shoulders wouldn't be hard but to add a full neckline is almost a total redo of that bodice. 
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    I did mine from a regular strapless to a sweetheart! It's ruched side to side so it might be a little different from yours. We started out gathering the fabric and it just didn't look right. The seamtress (an adorable Mexican lady) talked me into cutting the sweetheart. I was terrified to cut my dress, other than the bottom of course! But it turned out awesome!! The sweetheart picture ISN'T of it cut because that was done at my final fitting and I didn't have anyone with me. This picture is of the gathered sweetheart, but just to show you a comparison!

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    Thank you for the advice and pictures!  Your dress looks great, I just love the sweetheart neckline.
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    Mine was a straight across neckline that was pinched into a modified(?) sweetheart neckline. I loved it. I thought it made my dress a million times prettier.
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    Thanks!! I love it too and I think it's totally doable on most dresses! It totally changes it!
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    Mine was modified as well from a scoop to a sweetheart



    It's not quite finished, she wanted to ask my where to put part of the lace applique back on so there is one part of it that was kind of just dangling there in this photo.  My seamstress is amazing =]
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    I actually have a Vera Wang dress as well (Ethel) and am considering changing it from a strapless (small dip) to a sweetheart.  I just ordered my dress last month, but the seamstress there (the Boston boutique) said many brides do request to change their neckline and it isn't a problem.  I wouldn't be too worried with you are working directly with Vera Wang.  They seem to know what they are do. 

    You could also ask them for pictures of work they have done as well.  They you can see what they are capable of doing.

    Hope it works out!
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    i like the pinched idea because it doesnt require cutting the dress(gasp!)
    especially when it's vera. however the seamstress will most likely charge a bit just because its vera wang. find a reputable seamstress and make sure she modified LOTS of alterations like yours.  is it a white by vera wang dress?
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