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So, my maid of honor has her "dream dress" picked out for MY wedding. she wants a short poofy dress. anybody have any websites in mind that I could look at. Because so far, the short poofy dresses I have looked at I definately do not want in my wedding. Any ideas on how to handle this situation?

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    Yeesh, me no likey. Sounds like  a prom dress.
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    This is your wedding. Poofy short dress sounds like a prom dress. I would compromise with her & just get a short dress. And remind her that it's your wedding
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    That was my first thought was prom!!! This is an elegant wedding not an 80's flash dance party. I don't mind the short dress, I just don't want a poof. Everything she has pointed out to me looks like a tutu!!!! When I pointed something out that I ha in mind she said if you make me wear that I am going to make it poofy myself!! Ughh....I feel like she will be the first person to make me turn into bridezilla!!!
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    Go shopping with her and let her try some things on, and try to find a compromise.

    Yes, she should get some input on the dress (since she's buying it and paying for it), but it's also YOUR wedding and it's not bridezilla to have the final say. Be considerate of her opinions but don't let her push you around.

    If she's the MOH then I assume she's your closest friend, so ideally you guys should be able to talk about this.
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    [QUOTE] If she's the MOH then I assume she's your closest friend, so ideally you guys should be able to talk about this.
    Posted by mbcdefg[/QUOTE]

    Ditto. And if you can't and she insists on poof, I'd find another MOH (and best friend). She doesn't sound supportive, understanding, or able to comprimise on YOUR day.
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    I agree with PPs - ultimately, this is YOUR wedding and YOU get the final say.  While it's perfectly okay for BMs and MOH to have input and suggestions for their attire (which can often be quite helpful!), I feel like there's no reason why she should have a vision for YOUR wedding.  If she likes short, poofy dresses, maybe she could wear one when she gets married, or put her BMs in them.  I'm not trying to sound all bitchy, but I think you should be able to have the final say.

    That said, compromise is an awesome thing.  David's (if you're not totally opposed to them) just introduced some new BM dresses, including this sassy little number I think it's really cute and totally elegant enough for a wedding, but it still provides the volume on the bottom that your MOH wants.
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    yeah you are all right. she has been so supportive so far, probably more so than anyone else. I just think when it came to the dress she had a perfect "dream" one in mind. I am all for hearing about what styles she wants and what she looks good in (she needs to feel confident and comfortable). My dress is really flowy and close to my body, so I feel like her wearing a huge poofy dress would be off balenced.
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