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I need your help ladies! My FI and I have our engagement pictures this weekend and we are trying to figure out what he should wear! I am planning on wearing a casual ivory lace dress with a brown belt and brown boots. Any ideas for him? Would jeans look okay? I was thinking he could wear a brown shirt but I am not sure if that would be too matchy-matchy.

Thanks for your help! :) 

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    I've seen engagement pics of people dressed in matching t-shirts! Whatever floats your boat is the way to go!

    You can see what others in the midwest are wearing at:
    June 2013 Sig

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    I think since your colors are so neutral he could wear anything. Personally I'm a sucker for flannels...
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    Its really up to you :) My fiance and I went totally matchy as you can see in my pic. I wore a white dress and tan shoes and he wore white shirt with tan dockers. We loved it! But it all depends on the vision you have for your pics :)
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