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Jewelry advice please

I am horrible at accessorizing, and I really need some help conceptualizing my wedding day jewelry. Here is a pic of me in my dress (still needs to be altered):

This is how short my hair is

I haven't decided on a veil, or a headband, or any hair adornment at all.

My cousin seems to think that I need a necklace with my dress, but I think it would compete with the beading on the top.

So for all you stylish ladies:
- Should I wear long earrings or studs?
- Should I wear a necklace or not?

Do you have any suggestions on what would look good in/on my hair?

TIA for all of your suggestions.
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Re: Jewelry advice please

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    I love your dress!!

    You could definitely rock some really cool chandelier earrings and a cool bracelet.

     If your dress is ivory, I've always been a fan of a simple strand of pearls, and some pearl studs.
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    Decide if you want to wear a necklace, I have a lot of beading on the top of my dress, strapless as well, and if you decide to wear a neacklace, I might suggest studs, but with you short hair you could also wear dangling earrings. I don't know what you're going to do with your hair, my hair was also short and I'm growing it out so I can do what I want. Best advice I can give you is look at what you're interested in, go to your stylist and ask for her advice, then with your hair done how you want it take your jewerly options and try on your dress-- that will give you the best way to make a choice. Good luck, the dress looks beautiful!
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    Thanks for the advice ladies!
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