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Dessy Group BM Dresses/Chiffon Dresses

I'm looking at for my BM dresses. Given the variety of shapes and sizes of my girls, I think I'm going to tell them to get a cocktail length dress in a certain color & fabric, but whatever style they want. 

Does anyone have any experience with the Dessy dresses? Can they choose from any of the lines, or will I have to tell them to pick from one of them?

And what do you all think of chiffon dresses? I really love the color "Smashing" on that website, and it seems a lot of the dresses come in chiffon. My other color I am considering is "Quarry" or "Charcoal".

Re: Dessy Group BM Dresses/Chiffon Dresses

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    I had my girls choose from Dessy/After Six line.  They were all in the Clover green and knee length.  The only thing I asked was that they did not choose a satin or taffeta dress.  Two girls chose Nu-Georgette and two chose chiffon.  Pics in my married bio of all the girls.  

    ETA: We purchased the dresses through Jay's Bridal.  They were about $50 less than in the bridal salons.
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    We used Dessy, style 2787 in espresso. It looked great on everyone. We ordered them through a self owned boutique.
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    We used Alfred Sung, D435, 436 and 437. I had a similar issue - wanted them to have an option with necklines because they have very different body types. It worked out great. We ordered them online ( for way less than in stores, and they arrived very quickly. The color is beautiful. The only problem I have is that the skirts are kind of poofy - most of my BMs are getting them altered to "de-poof." Alternatively, I ordered a chiffon dress from After Six for a friend's wedding and it looks (and fits) very well!
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    Was in a wedding with Dessy Dresses and we had no problems.  Ordered from Pearl's Place and we saved a lot and they arrived very fast.
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