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Shoes for navy bridesmaid dresses

Any ideas on color of shoes for bridesmaids with navy dresses and yellow and white flower bouquets?

Re: Shoes for navy bridesmaid dresses

  • My ladies are wearing navy and I'm going to tell them whatever nude/white/silver shoe they have. No one looks at your BMs feet- I promise. 

  • I'm a fan of statement shoes so I would go with yellow but nude is universal and probably easier for each girl to find.
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  • In Response to Shoes for navy bridesmaid dresses:
    [QUOTE]Any ideas on color of shoes for bridesmaids with navy dresses and yellow and white flower bouquets?
    Posted by Dchristie85[/QUOTE]

    Navy dress? Black footwear (pumps or sandals, their/your choice).
  • Those are my colors too...  I'm thinking either silver, black, or nude.  Whatever they have already.

  • My girls are wearing navy...I'm a strong believer that no one is looking at your bridesmaids' feet, especially if they're wearing long dresses.  I told my girls to wear anything navy, nude, champagne, or gold, since they really wanted some kind of direction, but I really don't care at all.
  • I'm going to go with the navy/black/nude crowd, though. My girls were in navy, and we were using a lot of red, so each of them wore a pair of red shoes they already owned. I do see red shoes as more neutral and likely to be worn again than yellow, though. 
  • That's almost exactly my color scheme. Since silver is also a part of the wedding and 4/5 girls already had silver shoes (the 5th had a pair that was so well-loved it had broken). They have all sent me pics of the navy with silver shoes, and with the short dresses, it really dresses them up. If you want a more formal look, I vote silver!
  • I was recently in a wedding where we wore navy and silver. I loved that I got to pick my own shoes, and no one was looking at out feet. If you have long dresses, there's no real need to match unless it will drive you crazy.
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