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When to order a veil?

I ordered my dress about 2 weeks ago, but didn't order a veil at that time. My MOH has a veil that she's offered to lend me, but I don't know if I'll like how it looks with the dress, and, of course, I didn't try them on together while I was looking at dresses. The next time I'll be in MS ( I live in TX), which is where the dress boutique and my MOH are, will probably be at some point in July. 

Is that too late to get a veil if I don't like how the one she has looks with it (my wedding is November 3)? Are veils something you order or can you just buy them off the rack? My dress is ivory, would that make difference?  If I don't like hers I'm worried that the ones at the boutique are too expensive, is it totally bad form to take a picture of me in the dress to somewhere like David's or  AA? I do really want a veil, but have no idea how to go about this. I think about looking on Etsy, but am a little worried about color matching, I'm pretty sure all ivories are not the same, and I figure white would look weird. 

Re: When to order a veil?

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    July to November should be plenty of time to get a new one if you don't like how the first one looks. Not exactly an answer to your question, but I plan to order mine from to coincide with the arrival of my dress in June for an August wedding. They have a 2-week exchange/return policy, and they sell samples of their whites/ivories. A friend used them for her veil and was very happy.
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    you can order the veil in ivory . As you have know the style of your dress , you can find looking for some veils which can match your dress better ?

    Here are someones :

    Good luck !!
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