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lingerie advice?

I have no idea what to wear under my wedding dress, and I'm wondering if a savvy woman here can help me out! I am 5'6", 130ish,
short-torsoed, and pretty curveless (barely A-cup, no real hips or
waist). My dress is strapless, A-line/fit-to-flare. I know nothing about undergarments, and whenever I've bought something structural or slightly expensive in the past, it's ended up fitting poorly and being really disappointing...

Now, trying to avoid similarly disappointing purchases, I'm wondering:

- I've heard about having a seamstress sew a bra into one's dress. What are the advantages of doing this vs wearing a separate bra?

- I'm thinking of getting a "waist-cincher" in hopes of looking a bit more curvy. Anyone have experience with these? Can anyone recommend a good (and preferably not tooooo expensive) brand?


Re: lingerie advice?

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    I'd honestly go to your seamstress and see what she can do.

    I also have a very small chest and ultimately, a long line bra from VS was my new best friend.  It cinched, gave great support, and didn't shimmy like a regular strapless would. 

    However, a seamstress can do tons of things. 

    If you want, go to a great department store and start to try stuff on.  You may be pleased with what gives you a great line from the waist down.
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