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how do you think a marriage proposal should be?.

I kind of always imagined it like in the movies the guy gets down on one knee and asks you to marry him while on a very romantic planned out date....well not how it happened with me xP he asked me if i want to marry him while driving in the car on the way to Walmart to buy some stupid thing the Army told him he needed to 1st i thought he was joking and i laughed and said yes all dramatically well as it turns out he wasnt playing and he got all serious and he even prepare this gorgeous engagement ring lol i then told him idk yet and thought about it for like 3 days then his mother convinced me that yeah i should marry him...not exactly how i imaged everything would go all kind of feels off....
so tell me LD
How did your partner pop the question?
How do you imagine getting proposed to?
How do you imagine proposing to your significant other?
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