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Groomsmen tie conundrum

So, I thought my bridesmaid dresses were blue in color, but I got the swatch and went to find matching ties.  When I put the swatch out, it appears that the bridesmaid dress is more teal than blue.  A teal tie doesn't look so great, especially since the guys will be wearing black tuxes with black vests.  So I wanted to ask you what color tie I should get insteaad.

Would a dark blue tie look better with teal dresses?  A light blue tie?  Or should we go with dark grey ties (or will that look like a funeral?)  Thanks!

Re: Groomsmen tie conundrum

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    I think dark grey or silver could look really great.
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    Ditto opalsky. My BM's wore dark purple and teal/light aqua dresses and the GM's wore black tuxes with silver vests and ties. Pics in my married bio if you want to see.
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    Dunno what's wrong with teal ties. Express Men has several, and they look smashing, even though I don't like teal to begin with. Still, no reason they need to wear that color. Silver or gray in most shades would look great, I agree with PPs.
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