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Hair and Makeup near salem/derry area

Hey ladies,
 I am looking to get my hair and makeup done along with 5-7 of my girls. Any suggestions? We could go anywhere in a 15-20 minute vicinity of Derry (Methuen, Manchester, Salem, etc.) Thank you!

Re: Hair and Makeup near salem/derry area

  • Have you checked out Not So Plain Jane's in Manchester (the millyard)?   I've used them for haircuts and styling, and had my makeup + hair done there for my engagement party this summer.  They did a great job, and the place itself is beautiful, relaxing, and very professional. They have multiple makeup artists and stylists, and I've always had a great experience with whomever I use.  They book up fast though.  Hope this helped!
  • ohh I will check that out! Thank you!
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