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Allure lace dress...white or ivory?

I'm having to blindly order my dress (Allure 8825) because I can't find any stores in a two hour radius that have a sample for me to try on. I've tried on a similar Allure dress (8634) but it was in the ivory/gold color. I've only ever seen pictures of the Allure 8825 in ivory but my colors are tiffany blue/dusty aqua and I feel like pure white would look better than ivory, but I've also heard it looks cheaper. Does anyone have close up pics of an Allure lace dress in white by any chance? Suggestions on which to order? Here is the dress and my colors:

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Re: Allure lace dress...white or ivory?

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    I'm a huge fan of ivory dresses.  I generally think they look better with most people's skin and they just look more elegant than stark white.  I have seen some "diamond white" that look ok, but I still prefer ivory.  With that said, I don't think either will necessarily look any better or worse with that aqua blue.
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    I also had an Allure gown in ivory as well. I look ridiculous in white-white
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    I agree with the previous posts. Ivory normally looks better for a wider variety of skin tones, and looks fabulous in pictures. White is just a bit too stark for most people. 
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    I think every designers ivory looks different, and some of them are really close to white. That being said, I agree with Duds, find an Allure, any Allure, that they have a sample of in white. Look at it under good lighting and against your skin. Try it on, if you can, even though it's not your dress. That's going to give you a much better idea. I'll admit that some white dresses were really pretty, but a lot of times they can look cheap. I know that a couple of places I went to try on dresses wouldn't let you order a dress in white unless you had tried on a dress done by the same designer in white, they'd had too many girls who thought that was what they wanted and hated it. 
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