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Disappointment at Vera Wang

Behind the airy walls at Vera Wang bridal in Boston, lies a serious quality control issue.

I fell in love with the sample dress that I tried on and put in an order.  Six months later, when it arrived, it the color and quality of the fabric was off.  I was told that the color was due to a different die lot.  This would be understandable if I was shopping at Walmart, but not at a store carrying a very expensive designer label such as Vera Wang.  The quality of the fabric was nothing like the sample.  It felt like a rag.

I refused to take delivery of dress, as it was not what I ordered and not what was sold to me.  The owner offered to discount the sample that I liked so much, but I paid for a new dress, and did not want the sample that has now been used for the past 6 months.  Kind of like wearing a rental car on your wedding day-no thanks.  She also tried to convince me that it was in fact serviceable with alterations.  But sadly no amount of altering can fix the dingy yellow color or the feel of the raggety fabric.  So left with no alternatives, I asked for my deposit to be refunded.

Of course the owner refused, and I of course I refused to accept that as I am not receiving the item that I paid for.  This is now being escalated down the route of small claims court. 

I hope by writing this, that other brides can avoid the same issue, save themselves the heartache and purchase their gown from a more reputable manufacturer.

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